According to your care and needs, wecan produce a wide variety of products, such as:
Candies, Instant Drinks, Juices, Etc.

Analysis and Research

Research is the main stage in product development, since 1979, laboratorios fitofarma has started a program of analysis of the peruvian flora with the premise of preserving the balance between man and nature.

Spray Drying

Power extracts are obtained using state of the art spray drying equipment. The final product is easily assimilated by the body, preserving all the natural properties of the starting here.

Quality Control
All our products go through rigorous test and analysis.
Test include plant identification and quantification, microbial, organoleptic, heavy metals and others alike.

General Information
Information on herbs from Perú or around the wolrd is always available to our customer, please contact us via
fax o e-mail.

Our database is open 24 hours a day.

Phone: 51-1-3261097
Fax: 51-1-3261403

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